As founder of Pelagic Life and professional scuba instructor, Jerónimo has over five year’s experience in filming and producing underwater videos. He has collaborated in several productions with National Geographic Television. México Pelágico is his first documentary film.

Jorge Cervera Hauser


After studying media and cinematography in Spain & Mexico City, he founded Calypso Media in 2009, a production company responsible for marketing campaigns nation wide.  Jorge earned the title of Animal Planet's Filmmaker of the Year in 2007, after winning the TV series Unearthed.

Eduardo Martínez 


Eduardo is co-founder of Pelagic Life, professional dive instructor and leader of the project “The Call of the Shark” – feature in México Pelágico. He's the kind of man that jumps into the water and knows where he belongs. An adventurous soul, nothing will stop him.

The Director Jerónimo Prieto

 Interview Set in Mexico City

Interview Set in Mexico City

Pelagic Life Crew